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A Word From The Author

Hey, you bread-loving wanderers! I’m Joel, the genius behind Hotels and Bread. They say I have a sixth sense for sniffing out the finest breads on this planet. Frankly, I’m just a guy who believes that bread is the holy grail of local experiences. Keep your museums, give me carbs and the tastes of the place I’m in.

When I’m not looking for luxury hotels, you’ll find me on a relentless quest to devour the world’s greatest breads – flatbreads, quickbreads, yeast breads and more. I love them, and if you do too, I hope this first book in my series of breads to try before you die helps you on your journey to find the ones worth tasting.

I’ve been to all 7 continents on my quest (if you’re looking for bread, save the trip to Antarctica – I went there for the penguins) but hope my journeys can help inspire you to taste your way across the world.

Joel Moss Levinson


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