Because life is too short for 3-star hotels and no bread.

Eat the best bread.
Stay in the best hotels.

I don’t know what this website is. It started out as a clickbait about the two things I love when traveling – nice hotels, and fantastic bread. Somedays I dream it’ll be “The New Yorker of bakery related travel blogs” – but that sounds so stupid, right? Anyway, join us for bread, bakeries, pastries, really nice hotels, travel suggestions, and writing that may or may not change the world.

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Why Hotels & Bread

Discovering a great piece of bread in Budapest, or the perfect pastry in Prague can be the single most fulfilling, and memorable part of your trip. The pleasure of a perfect coffee and croissant in Paris may be unmatched on the Earth. This website is dedicated to the idea that to really know a place, you have to taste the bread made there. Sorry, but we think traveling GF is sad AF.

Whether it’s the crackle of a French Baguette, the squish of a Singapore Sponge Cake, the flake of a Portugese Pastel de Nata, or a slice of San Francisco Sourdough, the best places on Earth are defined by how they combine flour, water, salt, eggs, yeast, sugar, and whatever the hell else they wanna throw at my mouth. I’m for it.

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Recent Blog Posts

Head out tomorrow, or plan your dream trip.
Our blog can help you find the best bakeries & hotels on your travels.

Suggestions for your travels? Sure, we can help

Tell us where you’re going. If you want suggestions, we’ve got them. If you want to take pictures of the bread you eat when you get there and do a guest post, we’re all about it.

Learn About Bread

Every culture has it’s own bread traditions.
Learn what to look for in a bakery before you board your flight.


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From the flatbreads of India to the puff balls of the steppes


New World Breads with textures & flavors to love.


Huge variety, delicious breads, tons to try.

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