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If you love yourself enough to travel, indulge in the best bread, experience the best bakeries on Earth, and stay in 5-star hotels, you’re in the right place. Explore our city guides, or request a bespoke plan for your upcoming trip so you don’t eat one bad carb.

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Why Hotels & Bread

Discovering a great piece of bread in Budapest, or the perfect pastry in Prague can be the single most fulfilling, and memorable part of your trip. The pleasure of a perfect coffee and croissant in Paris may be unmatched on the Earth. This website is dedicated to the idea that there are certain things worth indulging in, from fantastic hotels and lush accomodations, to the simple joys of dough the way it’s appreciated around the world.

This site is for people who want to experience travel by eating the pastries, doughs and breads which are unique around the globe. We don’t care if you’re on your first trip abroad, or if you’ve been traveling for decades – all we care about is whether you like yourself enough to eat bread and sleep in the best hotels on Earth.

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Learn About Bread

Every culture has it’s own bread traditions.
Learn what to look for in a bakery before you board your flight.


Explore the European Breads to try before you die.


From the flatbreads of India to the puff balls of the steppes


New world breads where cultures collide and flavors meld.


This massive continent offers breads that are not to be missed.


Judson developed his love of luxury hotels as the child of a Baronness in central Europe, spending weekends exploring the great capitals, museums, and destinations of the West.

Judson B.

William spent the first 15 years of his life traveling the globe with military parents, learning to love new cultures and make new connections through food. Now he’s sharing that love on his own adventure

William Desculpa

After getting her degree as a pastry chef from CTI, Loni traveled to 15 countries in 15 months with her mother, learning to bake from the greatest local artisans by offering her services in exchange for knowledge.

Loni Park Fischer

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